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What are VMware Virtual Appliances

VMware Virtual Appliances are pre-built software solutions, comprised of one or more VMware Virtual Machines that are packaged, updated, maintained and managed as a unit. Unlike a traditional hardware appliance, these software appliances let customers easily acquire, deploy and manage, pre-integrated solution stacks. This speeds up time to value and simplifies software development, distribution, and management.
Check these sites to find free and low cost business software and software solutions to foster your business. Here you will find opensource packages for CRM solutions like SugarCRM, for ERP solutions, including accounting, like Openbravo and OpenERP, for collaboration solutions like Zimbra ( MS Exchange replacement ), for web CMS solutions like Drupal and Joomla, and much more !

Efficient solutions for business growth and IT cost reduction that you  would be able to implement easily if you had VMware virtual server consolidated environment and used our implementation services!


  Link   VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace
The VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace (VAM) launched in 2006 and quickly became the go-to location for finding pre-built, ready-to-run virtual appliances to run on your Virtual Server Infrastructure.

  Link   TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliances
TurnKey's virtual appliances are a series of "stripped down" versions of Ubuntu. The project has released more than 40 appliances based on Ubuntu 8.04.3 to the virtual appliance library. The releases include support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, and a new Virtual Machine image format with OVF support.

  Link   BitNami Virtual Appliances
BitNami appliances are available for popular web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, and MediaWiki. In addition to the application itself, the appliances include the other software required to run that application.



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