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Solutions and Services

IT cost reduction and IT optimization of your IT infrastructure by implementing state-of-the-art solutions for virtualization, data protection and recovery, business continuity, and iSCSI storage.

Virtualization Solutions and Services

"Fully adopting an IT virtualization strategy can cut an organization's cost of IT ownership by about 50%."
Gartner Research

Reduction of total cost of ownership by 50%! | You will reduce the number of servers and related IT hardware in the data center! | No additional investments in equipment that becomes obsolete quickly! | You will be able to deploy new virtual servers on existing hardware! | Not tied to specific hardware anymore! | You will be able to recover quickly from outages with the ability to securely backup and migrate entire virtual environments to almost any hardware!


Business Continuity Solutions and Services

"Two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster will be forced to go out of business within five years after the disaster"

 Gartner Research

No need for investments in expensive hardware! | You are able to implement Business Continuity on existing hardware! | No lost customers and profits! | You will maximize your systems uptime to retain your customers and increase productivity! | Not tied to specific hardware anymore! | Our solution will allow you to perform data replication and failover from any hardware to any hardware, between vendors, SAN, LAN, NAS!

Storage Consolidation and iSCSI Storage Solutions and Services

"iSCSI solutions represent a tremendous opportunity for enterprise customers to migrate to networked storage and begin realizing the benefits of simplified administration, increased data sharing, and near-instant infrastructure scalability quickly and economically." Gartner Research

Improve storage utilization! | You will increase storage utilization significantly by consolidating your server disk space! | No additional investments in complicated technologies! | You will be able to maintain your storage infrastructure using your expertise in LAN technologies! | Not tied to specific hardware! | You are able to implement our solution on your existing hardware and recover quickly from outages with the ability to install our solution on almost any hardware!



StarWind Free iSCSI SAN

Starwind Free iSCSI SAN

StarWind Free is an iSCSI Target that converts any Windows server into a SAN. This is a fully functional product at no cost!

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