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Nakivo Backup & Replication for VMware

Nakivo Backup & Replication is a high-performance WAN Backup and Replication solution that meets demanding performance and scalability requirements of dynamic virtualized environments without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. Designed to address the challenges of VM Backup and Replication for data center and cloud environments, its performance is equally adept at replicating VMs with live applications, groups of VMs supporting a cloud service, and transaction-intensive virtualized set of workloads. And its fast VMware infrastructure discovery, reliable VM failover, advanced VM protection features, and extensive reporting capabilities, deliver one of the highest levels of performance, reliability, and ease of use available in the VM Backup and Replication market today.


Key Features

Fast, Simple and Reliable protections for VMware virtualized data, applications and business services including:

Fast and more efficient replication and backup with support for:

  •     Direct backup to Amazon Cloud
  •     Data deduplication
  •     Quick installation, job creation and execution within minutes, even by the newest IT administrator.
  •     Near real-time continuous data protection(CDP) to meet recovery point objectives(RPOs) of five minutes, and to meet aggressive recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  •     Seeding and staging to reduce WAN traffic by moving the initial VM backups or replicas to a recovery site utilizing a removable storage device.
  •     Change Block Tracking (CBT) for transferring only incremental changes to enable greater efficiencies of storage space and less data transfer over WAN links.
  •     Direct backup and replication source access to storage area network (SAN) storage, without impacting production ESX or ESXi hosts.
  •     Compression for greater throughput and faster transmission across WAN links.

Simple and easy to use for accessibility from anywhere at any time, including the browser of an iPad.

Reliable backups and replicas with support for:

  •     Live Windows based applications including Oracle, Exchange, Active Directory and MS SQL with Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS).
  •     Up to 99 recent recovery points enabling fast recovery from virus attacks and accidentally deleted files, with user defined recovery points
  •     Automatic retries of failed backup or replication jobs, to better utilize faulty WAN links.
  •     Job scheduling and VM prioritization, to mitigate possible human errors
  •     Encryption for more secure data transfers to remote recovery sites.
  •     Low bandwidth or high packet loss WAN links that are often found between the small business and their backup co-location facility.




Download BETA version here.

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