Otrdiena, 10 maijs 2011 12:36
Proven Practice | Configuring High Availability Storage for VMware Vsphere and ESX Server

This document provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on configuring High Availability storage for VMware vSphere and ESX Server. StarWind iSCSI SAN for VMware delivers a full range of SAN services to provision network storage, reduce vulnerability and protect data. Take advantages of all VMware features, eliminate downtime and increase the performance of your virtual environment by using StarWind as your centralized storage.
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Svētdiena, 10 janvāris 2010 00:00
Make the Smart Choice | Difference Between VMware and Xen
When it comes to virtualization, VMware and Xen are two of the most recognizable names. VMware is the older of the two and as a consequence, it is already very well known and established when Xen was released. VMware has also developed a wide user base along with a dedicated support system. When it comes to pricing, VMware might seem like the more expensive option than Xenserver. Many experts...
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Piektdiena, 06 novembris 2009 00:00
Make the Smart Choice | Storage Choices for Virtual Servers
Server virtualisation is the most substantial shift in IT so far this decade. Adoption is high, and firms are virtualising mission-critical and business-critical applications. But while server virtualisation has become mainstream, firms still struggle with storage availability and performance. Recently Forrester surveyed 124 of its global clients on the topic of storage for virtual server environments. Benefit from its findings now!
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Otrdiena, 15 marts 2011 00:00
Make the Smart Choice | Data replication solutions: Host-based replication products
Array-based replication has many advantages. For storage managers, it's simply another array feature. Managed similarly as other array functions and options, it takes little effort to leverage replication. However, host-based replication has the lowest entry cost and complexity when compared to array-based replication.
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Sestdiena, 05 decembris 2009 10:00
Make the Smart Choice | Performance Study of VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning
Previously, administrators needed to estimate how much storage space their virtual disks would take up to support current usage and future growth, and pre-allocate that entire storage space for each disk. Now, with VMware vSphere 4.0, administrators can significantly save storage space and gain control over its usage. Thin provisioning technology allows virtual disks to use only the amount of storage space they currently need.
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Pirmdiena, 10 augusts 2009 10:07
Make the Smart Choice | Overview of Hardware Requirements for x86 Server Virtualization
Currently, virtualization is one of the most talked about new technologies in IT infrastructure. The ability to virtualize servers and to reclaim excess capacity has caught the interest of IT managers for many reasons, including more efficient processing and better resource utilization, reduced power/cooling costs, and improved management capabilities.
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