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AccuProcess Modeler is a visual, easy-to-use business process modeling solution for business people to document, simulate and improve business processes.

AccuProcess is a software company that provides process modeling solution for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Accuprocess Business Process Modeler

AccuProcess has designed its Modeler product to make the task of documenting business processes AS EASY and AS NATURAL as possible for business users. This business process modeling software product has a business user friendly interface and is designed and purpose-built ONLY for modeling processes. This graphical, easy-to-learn approach lowers the technical skillset requirements, making it easy for all non-technical business people to learn and become proficient in using this tool.

With AccuProcess Software you can: 

align operations with business strategy,
ensure control and consistency of process execution,
communicate processes to team and new staff,
improve operational efficiencies,
gain competitive advantage!


Key Features

Accuprocess Software includes BPM functionality and advanced features such as:

• Process MappingBusiness Process Modeling BPM
AccuProcess Modeler provides a rich, graphical and easy to use process design and process mapping feature that makes it very convenient for users to design and visually represent their business processes.

Its visual modeling environment is as easy to use as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. It is a graphical, drag-and-drop tool that allows users to visually design a process flow chart. The Modeler then guides the users to add relevant business rules and process information regarding the business process that they are documenting.

This is based on the drag-and-drop Canvas area and a Palette of process objects that the users can drag-and-drop in the canvas to design a flow. These include Process Activities, Start and End Events, Gateways or Decision Nodes, Connecting Sequence Flows, Swim Lanes, and Annotation objects.

These process objects allow any business process to be visually represented in the canvas.
• Process DiscoveryBusiness Process Modeling Discovery
AccuProcess Modeler provides a convenient, wizard-driven process documentation feature that facilitates process discovery.

Users use the process documentation wizard to describe the rules regarding their process. This includes information about triggers, workflow tasks, process participants, business rules, exception conditions, process parameters, input and output documents and general comments text area for users to write all the information that they want to document.

This ensures all aspects of documenting a process are covered and the user has not missed some important element of information. This ensures completeness and accuracy for the modeled business process.


• Self Documentation
AccuProcess Modeler provides self documentation capability that allows the full business process documentation of the modeled process to be auto generated into a Microsoft Word or PDF document. This creates auditable documentation of the process, including a detailed description of the process design. While the Word file is obviously editable, the PDF file can be used for sharing, reviews, approvals and for archival. This also helps in compliance with industry and government regulations. Process maps can also be exported in image format to allow printing for posters or on multiple pages.


• Process SimulationAccuProcess BPM Simulation
AccuProcess Modeler provides business process simulation capability to help users better understand and analyze their processes. As with the rest of this product, this capability is also intuitive and easy-to-use.

A running simulation is shown visually on the business process flow and it displays important information related to number of jobs completed, resource utilization, and size of task queue for an activity. This process modeling tool also provides simulation results at the process level related to both timing and cost elements including average, maximum and minimum results for both time and cost. A Simulation Results report is available that provides further details at the task and user level.

This helps business users quickly understand the bottlenecks in the process and thus identify areas of improvement. This also allows business managers to validate the impact of their decisions on the process performance before implementation.
• Business Process Analysis and ImprovementBusiness Process Modeling and Analysis
Business Process Analysis and Improvement is a key goal of business process modeling. AccuProcess Modeler provides this important capability thru its process simulation feature.

This analysis of the current AS-IS process and the proposed TO-BE process is critical for process improvement. Users can create various scenarios based on different resource allocations, timing parameters and quality of business rules.

Process simulations can then be easily setup and run again and again for these different scenarios. Analysis of the results provide important feedback about what changes would improve the process and by how much.


• Standards Based
AccuProcess Modeler is an easy-to-use but powerful business process modeling tool that is ideal for documenting business processes and rules. It follows the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) standard to make the task of designing processes easier and transparent without the need for extensive training by users.


AccuProcess Editions

AccuProcess Lite Edition (Free)
BPMN Process Drawing & Mapping             
Process Discovery & Documentation             
Saving & Sharing Processes in .pm format

AccuProcess Professional Edition

BPMN Process Drawing & Mapping             
Process Discovery & Documentation             
Saving & Sharing Processes in .pm format

Export to Word for editing & printing             
Export to PDF for sharing & printing             
Export to XML and Image formats


AccuProcess Expert Edition

BPMN Process Drawing & Mapping             
Process Discovery & Documentation             
Saving & Sharing Processes in .pm format

Export to Word for editing & printing             
Export to PDF for sharing & printing             
Export to XML and Image formats

As-Is and To-Be Process Analysis             
Process Simulation


Requirements, implementation and Licensing

AccuProcess works on all operating systems in the market. It is certified on:

    Windows: XP, Server 2008, Vista and 7.
    Apple Mac OS X
    Linux Ubuntu, RedHat

Please contact our representatives to get advice on which licensing bundles are applicable.

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